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1  High Conductivity Free Machining
    Copper Rods


2  Copper-Nickel-Alloy Rods


3  Copper Rods & Tubes for General
    Engineering Purposes


4  Nickel Silver Alloy Rods


5  Free Cutting Brass Rods


6  Brass Tubes 63/37


7  Manganese Brass Rods


8  Aluminium Brass Rods


9   Aluminium Silicon Bronze Rods


10 High Conductivity Electrolytic Copper      Rods and Tubes


11 British Standard Specifications for the      Principal


12 Non-Ferrous Casting Alloys


13 Aluminium Casting, Alloys for General      Engineering Purposes (Related      specification and trade name)


14 Table of sizes, weights & Lengths of       copper wire


15  Wrought Alloys and related British       and American Specifications


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